How to Deal when Someone Unfriending You?

How to Deal when Someone Unfriending You?

Finding the partners on the social platform like Facebook is fairly common; sometimes, it may seem meaningless. Negative response and betrayal sometimes are very hurting.

Handling digital breakup is not easy as it requires proper efforts. Facebook is a mixture of jokes, controversial statements, check-ins, sad status. Folks are conveying their emotions or feelings by sharing status on Facebook.

Thus, making new friends is a moderately easier task. Try to be so cool on social sites by sharing an interesting or handsome picture, interesting status, and birthday wishes.  Manage the timeline effectively and be nice on Facebook that can catch the attention of newbies.

If anybody still Unfriending you then invest proper time in research and find out the genuine reason for it. Take your precious time and remove fake friends from the list. To deal with someone who is unfriending you then the user must pay attention to forthcoming paragraphs.


Is Unfriending positive or healthy?

You will find the majority of the folks with thousands of Facebook friends that aren’t real. Make the use of a Facebook private account and add well-known otherwise unfriend unknowns from the profile.

When someone unfriends you, then you should block him/her from the profile.  Always be nice and remain proactive on Facebook. Give importance to only those who respect you and treat you equally important. Talk with those who are giving reply in the fraction of seconds & giving much importance to you.  Therefore, eradicate fake persons from the friend list.

Review everything

All you need to deal with someone Unfriending you. Many spammers are out there who are accessing the information from an account without knowing to the users. If you are finding spammers in profile, then report or block the account from a profile. All you need to understand the reason behind unfriended and accept reality. Give proper time to yourself and don’t be sad or angry for a fake person.

Opt for other activities

You don’t have to react when someone unfriends you. Investing time in other activities will assist you in moving up. Try to replace Negative thoughts with positive ones.

Moreover, having a best friend would be helpful in coping with a complicated situation. Hence, if possible, then discuss with best friend and get rid of negative thoughts. In order to give relaxation to the mind, you should block him/her from social networking sites and initiate a new life.