How long is too long without sex in a relationship?

How long is too long without sex in a relationship?

It has become a provocative question that how to stay in a relationship for so many years without having Sex.  According to researchers, almost 26000 Americans having more than 60 times sex in a year. It means they are averagely doing sex once in a week. The sexual interaction in couples is on its hype. Married couples are showing a significant amount of interest in romance or sex. Staying too long without sex in a relationship can be challenging in the modern era, as it requires rigor.

Are you familiar with a sexless marriage? It is common phenomena these days as we hear more regarding it. With the help of sexless marriage, they are maintaining the size of the family. Majority of the couples are opting for a small family. In order to stay a lot of time in a relationship without having sex, use the following key points.

Save relationship

To save a particular relationship, then one has to make contact with a professional marriage counselor who will assist you in coping with such a complicated issue.

Due to the lack of sex in a relationship that is being replacing by free xxx sex videos, the majority of the relationship is destroying.  All you need to find a solution that can make happier to you and your partner. Thousands of relationships have been already saved with the help of counseling. If you don’t want to create any complicated problem in the relationship, then one should take the suggestions from your partner.

Why Sexless Marriage so common?

Lots of couples prefer a small family; that’s why they prefer sexless marriage that is controlling the population. They are doing sex at a particular time. It is proven to be effective that is saving a lot of relationships and marriages as well.

sexless marriage

How to stay long in a relationship?

You will able to make partner happier by romance. All you need to spend a lot of time with him/her. One should create a strong bonding with the partner. Therefore, if possible, then one should spend a lot of time in the relation.  No sex in a relationship means you need to look out another way that makes partner happier.

Moving further, you have to choose a relationship according to the requirements. Most of the couples are enjoying casual sex that is common. If you want to stay together with her too long, then you have to do sex occasionally.